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Did you know? At 6 months old,


What are some signs that your child is ready for solids?

Solid Food 1

They can sit upright by themselves.

Solid Food 2

Always show interest at what you’re eating.

Solid Food 3

Lose the tongue thrust reflex to push food out of their mouth.

Solid Food 4

Able to coordinate hands, eyes and mouth to bring food to mouth.


Did you know, What is Nestlé baby-grade?

Infant Cereal USP
Infant Cereal USP
  • At 6 months, a child’s immune system is still developing.

  • At this fragile stage, it’s important to
    take extra care in making sure the food they eat is safe and suitable.

  • That’s why you should choose CERELAC®
    as it’s made with Nestlé Baby Grade Grain with 12 vitamins and minerals


*Part of Nestlé’s commitment and initiative - carefully selected key ingredients based on stringent of safety and quality on infant foods.



Watch more CERELAC® videos here

The goodness in each bowl makes CERELAC® a mother’s choice. 

Cereal Bowlcerelac-nutrition-bm



Food Preparation Methods

Preparation of
CERELAC® with Milk



Preparation of
CERELAC® with water



Give your Little One a variety of CERELAC® recipes

Need inspiration to prepare meals for your Little One? Try these different recipes.

Bubur Nasi Lobak dan Bayam
Carrot and Spinach Porridge

Suitable for 6 months old onwards

Bijirin Ayam dan Nasi Lobak
Carrot Rice and Chicken Cereal

Suitable for 8 months old onwards


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