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Getting your baby ready for homemade baby food

Getting Your Little One Ready for Homemade Solid Food

A child grows fast, and so does his or her appetite. At 6 months old your little one is now ready for some delicious complementary solid food.

How to handle visitors after giving birth

Need some space from visitors during postnatal?

If you’re an overwhelmed mom or dad with too many visitors, don’t panic. Here’s our top five tips on how to handle visitors after giving birth, giving you time to bond with your little one.

Following your child's growth

Following your child's growth

Your child is developing so fast! He is starting to discover his new world, thanks to your loving care and his rapidly awakening senses.

Child’s massages

Toddler Massages

Your child adores being hugged and tickled and loves being looked after by you. Changing and washing her are special moments for you to spend connecting with your child.

Providing micronutrients on a daily basis

This can be seen as below 6 months

Every day you give your child three meals and a snack or two.

13-Week Pregnant: Development and Diet

13-Week pregnant: Development and diet

The start of your second trimester is the start of lots of new development milestones for your unborn child. Read more about this week.

Goat’s milk as an alternative choice for your child

Myths or Facts: Goat’s Milk as an Alternative Choice for Your Child

A mother’s breastmilk is the perfect, natural source of nutrients for your child. However, goat’s milk has been thought of by many mothers as one of the alternatives for a growing child.

Sources of iron

Sources of iron

When little children move on to solids, they still need just as much iron.


Coping with separation anxiety

Clingy Child Syndrome, otherwise known as separation anxiety in toddlers, can be upsetting for you and your child. Here are some tips to help you both cope with separation anxiety.


Next steps in junior’s solid foods adventure

Now that you’ve introduced junior to some new tastes and textures, you can start broadening their taste buds even further by offering a variety of healthy solid foods.


Disposable-diaper-changing routine

You’re going to do a lot of diaper changing over the next few months, so here’s a helpful diaper-changing routine. Check it off and make every diaper change smooth like your child’s bottom.


10 tips for a sound child sleep routine

Children sleep routines can vary enormously, often causing poor parents many a sleepless night. Here are some bedtime routine tips to help your child sleep through the night.

What to consider when choosing a nursery

What to consider when choosing a nursery

Wondering how to pick a nursery to look after your child? We have put together a list of some things to consider when choosing a nursery, from childcare costs to location. 

Lonely mom? 10 things to do with junior — that give something back to you

Lonely mom? 10 things to do with junior — that give something back to you

Even with a wealth of online parenting forums and a child in your arms, it’s easy to feel isolated and lonely as a mom.


Planet-saving tips for an eco-friendly child

Saving the planet doesn’t have to stop because your child was born. Yes, they’re a teeny bundle of mess-creating, gadget-needing joy.


Toddler Birthday Party Tips

Planning a one-year-old’s birthday party can be surprisingly tricky.

Your maternity leave and maternity pay checklist

Your maternity leave and maternity pay checklist

It might seem a while away, but once you’ve made your pregnancy announcement, it’s a good idea to begin maternity leave preparations and find out if you’re entitled to maternity pay.


Child’s teething tips

Teething can be a distressing time for your child and you too. We’ve put together an action plan of teething tips, so you can all get through it without gritting your teeth.


Tips for potty training toddlers

Wondering how to potty train or when to start potty training? Read our potty-training tips and tricks to help toddlers hit the spot.


How to handle toddler sleep problems

You know they’re tired, but they refuse to listen — and try as you will, the land of nod seems but a distant dream.

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