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Your child's birth can set off many different powerful emotions, from excitement to anxiety. Discover content to help guide you through this new stage of life.

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New mom emotions to look out for and how to deal with them

New mom emotions to look out for and how to deal with them

Having a child and becoming a first-time parent is a massive emotional rollercoaster. Here are 10 emotions after giving birth that you may be experiencing.

Baby sleep habits_06_ACT_Top tips for better sleep at 3-6 months

Top tips for better sleep at 3-6 months

Scientists agree that good sleep is important for healthy growth, so follow our all-day guide to better sleep.

Fed up with mom guilt? Here’s how to banish unhelpful thoughts

Fed up with mom guilt? Here’s how to banish unhelpful thoughts

Tired of battling mom guilt? It’s entirely normal, but pretty unhelpful if you’re navigating many other new mom emotions.

Coping with postnatal anxiety

Coping with postnatal anxiety

Once your little one has arrived, it’s easy to forget about you—but a happy mom means a happy child. Here’s some things you can do to ensure postnatal anxiety doesn’t get the best of you.

How to handle visitors after giving birth

Need some space from visitors during postnatal?

If you’re an overwhelmed mom or dad with too many visitors, don’t panic. Here’s our top five tips on how to handle visitors after giving birth, giving you time to bond with your little one.

3 Simple Steps to Resting and Recovering After Childbirth

3 Simple Steps to Resting and Recovering After Childbirth

Now that you’ve gotten over the tough part of the giving birth process, it’s time for the next part.

Exercising after childbirth: 3 postpartum exercises you should consider

Exercising After Childbirth: 3 Postpartum Exercises You Should Consider

Once you’ve given birth, you may begin reminiscing to those simple days before pregnancy.

Postpartum weight loss: 4 secrets to lose weight healthily after childbirth

Postpartum Weight Loss: 4 Secrets to Lose Weight Healthily After Childbirth

Postpartum weight loss can be an uphill battle, with the hill sometimes looking like the peak of Mount Everest. After birth, you might expect to instantly pop back to your pre-pregnancy figure.

Our best articles to help your baby feel better

How to soothe a colicky child

Little children cry. Some children cry more than others. If your otherwise healthy child is under five months old and has repeated bouts of uncontrollable crying, it could be colic.


Top 3 tummy troubles

Because children are born with immature digestive systems, they may experience episodes of colic, constipation, or spit-up during their first months.

sore tummy

A sore tummy!

Big sobs and a wretched expression, my little one is at the end of his tether… I get the impression that his little tummy is hurting but I don't know what to do to soothe it.

The right start to a healthy gut

The Right Start to a Healthy Gut

Did you know? Nutrition affects not only your child’s physical health, but the quality of life as your child grows up.

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5 fun tummy-time moves

5 fun tummy-time moves

Making sure your child is active is important for his health, not only now but later in life too.

me time

"me" time

Finding time for yourself. After weeks of focusing on your child, a

Tummy time: let’s play!

Tummy time: let’s play!

Did you know? Tummy time helps your child develop muscles and motor skills.


Disposable-diaper-changing routine

You’re going to do a lot of diaper changing over the next few months, so here’s a helpful diaper-changing routine. Check it off and make every diaper change smooth like your child’s bottom.

Tummy time workout

Tummy time workout

Tummy time can start soon after you bring your child home from the hospital. Just don’t expect too much.

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4 tips for mothers when you’re lactating

4 Tips for Mothers When You’re Lactating

One of the aspects of motherhood you may be looking forward to is breastfeeding. After all, it’s the best source of nutrients for your little one, and it’s a natural way to feed him.

Mother holding her breast in pain, one of her postpartum body changes

Postpartum Body Changes: What Causes My Breast Pains?

Postpartum body changes can be a pain in the breasts, literally.

A mother recovering from excessive postpartum bleeding

Postpartum Bleeding: What to Expect and How to Manage It

Postpartum bleeding is one of the changes to your body after childbirth you won’t really expect.

Postpartum complications: conditions that affect you after birth

Postpartum Complications: Conditions that Affect You After Birth

After your child is born, your body is on an ongoing quest to recover and adapt into a superhuman that’ll save the world.

Postpartum depression: 3 myths of depression after childbirth

Postpartum Depression: 3 Myths of Depression After Childbirth

Although welcoming your baby into the world is supposed to be a joyful event, giving birth can bring you through a roller coaster of emotions. You’ll be happy and anxious at the same time.

Postpartum mental health: ensuring emotional wellness

Postpartum Mental Health: Ensuring Emotional Wellness

If you’re not feeling like magical rainbows and unicorns just appeared over the sound of fireworks, don’t worry. It’s normal.


What to Do After Your Child’s Birth: Spending Your Time on Paternity Leave Wisely

Paternity leave is an opportunity for a new dad to spend time with his new child and help his partner around the house.

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