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A Bowl of Nutrition, Full of Goodness

Packed In Nutrition, In Every Bite


Imported from Italy, the all new CERELAC® NutriBitesTM is a nutritious and delicious biscuit that is made with carefully selected ingredients such as wheat, butter, milk and honey. Developmentally and nutritionally appropriate for little ones from 12 months old and above, CERELAC® NutriBitesTM is high in Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 that are important for overall growth and development during a child’s growing years. 

Happiness & Goodness goes hand in hand!

  • Easy to hold
  • Tasty
  • Nutritious
  • Right texture, melts in the mouth
  • Baked not fried

Snacks Are Part of a Healthy Diet


A healthy infant diet, as recommended by the WHO, includes 1-2 nutritious, baby-appropriate snacks a day (in between meals).

Nutritious Bites, Tasty Treats

Nutritious ENG

High in Iron, Calcium,
Vitamin B1, B2 & B6.

For toddlers above  12 months old
For toddlers above 12 months old

Moderate dissolvability; able to bite and chew after softening.

Biscuit size and texture  adapted to baby’s  developmental needs
Biscuit size and texture adapted to baby’s developmental needs

Promotes fine motor skills and chewing.

Fully Imported
Fully Imported

Made with carefully selected ingredients.

Resealable Pack
Resealable Pack

Ideal as a snack anywhere.

Your little one will love it anyway!

Eat it on its own or melt it in milk.

CERELAC® NutriBites™

CERELAC® NutriBites™


At 12 months old and above, your little one will start to become hungrier between meals.

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