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What kind of food should I avoid during pregnancy?

As an overall tip, you should have a balanced diet from all food groups which will provide you the nutrients that you need every day. In planning your meals, a good tip would be to avoid uncooked meat and shellfish, as they contain high amounts of harmful microbes. It’s a good idea to also avoid fish which are high in mercury content, such as shark and marlin. Distinguish between the foods you should have and the food you should avoid here.

How can I reduce stress during pregnancy?

It’s common to feel stressed at certain points of your pregnancy. After all, you probably have a lot on your mind. Your first big step, is to accept that there are changes you will face in your journey of motherhood. Then, speak to experienced mothers and new mothers alike. You’ll find that you aren’t alone. With a support group, you can discuss any issues you have or get tips for pregnancy. More importantly, make yourself feel good. Splurge on yourself every once in a while. Small breaks will definitely help you reduce your stress levels. Explore the different ways you can manage your stress.

Should I avoid exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise is key to a healthy body, and there’s no reason to stop exercise completely during pregnancy unless advised by your healthcare professional. Moderate exercise will help you fight fatigue and stress. More importantly, it helps you feel good about yourself. Low impact exercises are recommended during pregnancy such as swimming, or stretching at home. You can also go for a walk in the park with your partner every once in a while. Learn more about the benefits of exercise here.


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