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Nestlé MOM® formulated milk for pregnancy

Because your pregnancy is such a precious moment..

What you eat when you are pregnant, becomes the source of nutrients for you and your little one in your womb. Getting the right nutrition for yourself - nourishing every possible for your beautiful motherhood journey.

Eat Right - For Two!

Nestlé MOM® is a delicious formulated milk powder specially designed for pregnancy and lactation, giving both you and the little one inside you the right nutrition for healthy development.

- Prebiotic (FOS) for good gut function1
- A2 milk protein for easy digestion2
- High in folic acid and calcium
- Contains DHA
- No added sugar
- Less fat*

*57% less fat (per 100g) compared to previous formula (Nestlé Mom & Me)


1. Jonni S et al. 2017; Kubota T et al. 2013
2. He et al. 2017

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Nestlé MOM®

Nestlé MOM® is a delicious formulated milk powder specially designed for pregnancy and lactation.

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