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citarasa ibu

Citarasa Ibu's healthy flavour and texture are made for your Little Ones

One of the greatest joys of parenthood is watching your child’s incredible journey – from the first smile to the first mouthful of food. Upon reaching the first-year milestone, they begin to get excited for food with firmer textures and savoury taste – much like our meal!


CERELAC Citarasa Ibu takes inspiration from loving moms like you to make porridge with a TENDER TEXTURE, specially made to satisfy your Little One’s eagerness to chew. It is also DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS, so your Little One’s mealtime is more enjoyable!


Carefully prepared as how moms would prepare a child’s meal, the wholesome goodness of natural ingredients is retained without compromising the savoury taste of the porridge. CERELAC Citarasa Ibu uses rice as the base and vegetable flakes such as onions, carrots and the nutrients from chicken (for Chicken Porridge) to derive the savoury taste naturally. Besides, it is also packed with 15 vitamins & minerals and high in iron, protein & calcium to support your Little One’s learning, growth and development.


Wow, The Goodness of CERELAC Citarasa Ibu!

semula jadi

Made with natural ingredients

Just like how Mom would make it! It is made with natural ingredients* specially selected for the Little One!

Zat besi

Iron for the formation of red blood cells

To support your Little One’s learning and active exploration during toddlerhood.

protein dan kalsium

High in protein and calcium

Helps in body growth and the development of strong bones.

semula jadi

Specially formulated with 15 vitamins & minerals

To support the Little One’s overall growth and development.

*Chicken Porridge: Rice, Soybeans, Rice Flakes, Onion Flakes, Chicken Meat Powder, Carrot Flakes and Mixed Vegetable Flakes
*Vegetable Porridge: Rice, Soybeans, Rice Flakes, Carrot Flakes, Tomato Flakes, Mixed Vegetable Flakes and Onion Flakes

Yay, Two Variants to Enjoy!

Citarasa ibu ayam

Chicken Porridge

A tasty savoury porridge for the Little One! It contains the natural goodness of rice, chicken and carrots! CERELAC Citarasa Ibu Chicken Porridge is also high in iron, protein, calcium and 15 vitamins & minerals.

Citarasa ibu sayur

Vegetable Porridge

CERELAC Citarasa Ibu Vegetable Porridge contains the natural goodness of rice, carrots, tomatoes and onions! It is high in iron, protein, calcium and 15 vitamins & minerals for Little Ones!


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