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How to Get Ready for Giving Birth

After months of ups and downs, of pleasant surprises and happy moments, you’re nearing the end of your third trimester.

3 mins to read Oct 26, 2016

After months of ups and downs, of pleasant surprises and happy moments, you’re nearing the end of your third trimester. As you approach your baby’s due date, you may be worried about getting ready for giving birth. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Understand the birthing process

Information in advance may help alleviate some stress and concerns about birth. Find out how to recognize labour stages, manage pain, and learn breathing techniques. A few common signs that you’re close to labour include a discharge, getting diarrhoea or feeling extreme back pain.

You can also ask your healthcare professional about different types of deliveries, such as water births, natural births or even caesarean section birth. If you study delivery methods, it could help you plan your delivery. You may not use all of the information, but it helps you in getting mentally prepared for the birth of your baby. If anything, you’ll be able to identify the myths from the facts of giving birth.

You can go for a birthing class. Speak to other moms to learn about their experiences. You can also speak to your healthcare professional for some advice.

Getting ready for the due date

Getting ready for your child’s birth also means planning everything you need to do on the due date. Have a list of who to call, where to go, and how to go. Arrange with your healthcare professional on when to head to the hospital. Memorise the way to the hospital, and if you have to, take a tour to the hospital and around the hospital. On the day of the birth.

Get a bag with everything you’ll need on that day. Here’s a few things you may need:

  • Cash for emergencies
  • Toiletries
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Clothes for your future baby
  • Important documents, including your IC and hospital registration forms
  • Entertainment, like music or a book

Of course, all the planning in the world may not account for unexpected events. Don’t stress yourself out if some things don’t go according to plan. Take things easy, and have your partner or a close family member close by for support.

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