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Food for Your Third Trimester

The final stage of pregnancy is a wonderful time as your body is getting ready to welcome your child into the world.

3 mins to read Nov 27, 2015

The final stage of pregnancy is a wonderful time as your body is getting ready to welcome your child into the world. Exciting as it is, it is also important to ensure your body has the right support from the right nutrients. Here are some tips to help you plan your third trimester food.

The most exciting time of your pregnancy can also be the most challenging period. You will continue experience symptoms from your second trimester such as breast enlargement and backaches. In addition to those symptoms, you may start to feel Braxton Hicks contractions, which are mild contractions to prepare your body for labour. While Braxton Hicks contractions are mild, real labour contractions will gradually get closer together with a higher intensity. When you’re having regular high intensity contractions, you should be speaking to your doctor.

You may also experience fatigue as your body copes with the extra stress of nearing labour. You will need to take care of your body, and find the time to rest when you have to. You may also see an increase in vaginal discharge. If there is a sudden rush of fluid, it may be a sign of your water breaking. You should call your doctor immediately after your water breaks.

A variety of vitamins can be good for you and your child when planning your third trimester food. For example, vitamin A plays important roles in vision, the development and maintenance of skin tissues and immune system. It can be found in milk, eggs, and carrots. Vitamin B12 helps produce red blood cells. You can find it in fish, meats, eggs, milk and dairy products. Vitamin C assists in the better absorption of iron from foods. It also helps in boosting immunity as it has antioxidant properties.

You can also look at getting vitamin K in your diet. Vitamin K is an important part of your diet as you reach the third trimester, as it plays a role in making blood clot. If the blood cannot clot properly, there may be uncontrolled bleeding. You can find vitamin K naturally in green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach.

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) will also be great for you and your child. DHA is found abundantly in the brain, and is involved in brain and eyes development. Indian mackerel, salmon and tuna are wonderful sources of DHA.

To support a wholesome diet, you can try Nestlé MOM. It is a specially designed and delicious formulated milk powder that is packed with 20 vitamins and minerals including folic acid, calcium, iron, as well as vitamin A and C. It also contains DHA (125mg per 100g powder) which is found abundantly in the brain. Moreover, Nestlé MOM provides energy and protein to support your pregnancy stage.

That’s not all. Nestlé MOM contains the goodness of BIFIDUS BL. BIFIDUS BL is 2 type of beneficial bacteria that helps support your gut health. Get the right nutrition during your pregnancy with Nestlé MOM ; you can enjoy its benefits as soon as you know of your pregnancy. Just 2 glasses a day help provide you with loving nutrition right from day one.

During this stage it is important to check with your doctor or healthcare professional if there are any doubts or unexpected changes in your body. You’ll probably need and appreciate any support you can get, so get your family and partner on board. Speak to them when you’re feeling stressed or need someone to talk to. Remember, you’re expecting your child soon, and you should enjoy every day of motherhood.


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