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3 Tips to Overcome Fatigue during Pregnancy

Much like the wind changes direction, the journey of motherhood is filled with ups and downs. As much as motherhood is a joyous time of celebration, there will be times where you feel a little weary and under the weather.

4 mins to read Dec 2, 2015

Much like the wind changes direction, the journey of motherhood is filled with ups and downs. As much as motherhood is a joyous time of celebration, there will be times where you feel a little weary and under the weather. At these times, you should remember that there are always things to look forward to. With a positive mindset you will be on the right track once again! Here are some tips to help you overcome pregnancy fatigue.

Move it Move it!
Although you may be busy, you should not neglect exercise. Experts recommend that mothers doing moderate exercise will ease their back pains and even help in childbirth. You will be surprised that exercising actually gives you more energy. Besides, getting outdoors and being exposed to the sun especially in the mornings will make you feel good too. Women who exercise during pregnancy are known to get back in shape faster than those who do not. Keeping fit during pregnancy also prepares you for when your child arrives. Your obstetrician will be able to recommend some exercises for you. In any case, low impact exercises such as swimming will be beneficial to overcome pregnancy fatigue.

Fighting Pregnancy Fatigue
No. Exercise does not make you tired especially when you do it in moderation. As mentioned, it actually helps to give you energy. But there will be days when you will be tired. Some mothers have agreed that the days when you are pregnant are divided into tired days and very tired days. There are a few ways to overcome the fatigue during your pregnancy. Find a time to take a good 15 minutes nap since it can do wonders. You may also want to go to bed early, as you tend to wake up at night to clear your bladder. Try avoiding situations that saps you emotionally and mentally. We understand the challenge to avoid it especially when you are tired. You can start by reminding yourself that not everything is important. You and your child’s health come first. Avoid food that may affect your sleep patterns. If possible, make changes to your schedule so that you get ample of rest. Get help for things that others can help you with. You need not tackle everything yourself.

You, Your Child and…
While the whole world is fussing around you, do make time for hubby. Husbands tend to be neglected in the midst of everything. They are equally under pressure and stress trying to make everything just right with you. Many a times they are also caught in the crossfire. And let’s admit it; he is often the punching bag we let our steam off. The process can be exhausting for him as well, so learn to appreciate and show that you care for him. Spend quality time with your partner and ensure that both of you are open about your feelings. Enjoy doing activities together. This could be as simple as having a quick chat that helps to release the pent up stress that also reduces your pregnancy fatigue.

Of course, pregnancy fatigue may sometimes be caused by an imbalanced diet. If you’d like to support your usual diet with good nutrition, you can try the nutrient-rich formulated milk for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, Nestlé MOM. 2 servings/glasses per day provides you with around 87.6mg of DHA per day. DHA is found in abundance in the brain. It is also packed with 20 vitamins and minerals including folic acid as well as BIFIDUS BL, beneficial and friendly bacteria for you and your child during pregnancy and lactation.Add 2 glasses of Nestlé MOM to supplement the nutrition needed during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy fatigue can be a real downer for a lot of parents. That’s why it is important to keep it in check. That being said, sometimes, you’ll just feel the fatigue catching up, and it’s telling you when you should take a break. However, if you feel out of the ordinary, you can speak to your usual doctor or obstetrician. They’ll know best when it comes to your body during pregnancy.




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