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17-Week pregnant: Development and Diet

Your little one now weighs more than 200g and is looking more and more like a “real” person every day. Read more about this week.

2 mins to read Jan 7, 2021


Grit your teeth: many older women still tell pregnant women stories about teeth falling out during pregnancy. Good news: That is outdated nonsense! For some women, the bump is now showing. If you are very slim, or have had given birth before, it is more likely that there is something to see. In other words, no one can tell by looking. But this is the time when trousers or skirts get hard to fasten and waistlines are harder to discern.

As always, lots going on this week. Your child's skin is still very thin and quite transparent, with small blood vessels visible through it. Your child’s intestine continues to develop and is now in its permanent place in the abdomen. All is as it should be.


Satisfying sugar cravings during pregnancy requires a little more creativity than it normally would, especially if yours seem stronger than usual. There is no harm in eating desserts, if you don’t overdo it. To satisfy your sweet tooth while meeting your nutritional needs, choose fresh fruits, desserts made with milk, plain yoghurt, and dried fruits. Moderation is key. Instead of ice cream, indulge in sorbets or frozen yoghurt with lower sugar content.


Artificial sweeteners also known as ‘non-nutritive sweeteners’, ‘sugar replacements’, or ‘zero-calorie sweeteners’, commonly include aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame K, saccharin, and sugar alcohols (e.g. xylitol), as well as plant-derived compounds (e.g. steviol glycosides). Although they are increasingly consumed by pregnant women around the world, their long-term health impact has been questioned. Some nutrition authorities indicated that within acceptable intake limits, these types of sweeteners are safe for women, and their unborn child during pregnancy. Other evidence suggests that early-life exposure to artificial sweeteners may adversely affect body composition and cardio-metabolic health. As such, for the latest recommendations, check with your healthcare provider if you want to include these products in your diet.


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