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10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

For the young families who are planning for pregnancy, it can be an exciting challenge and experience to look forward to.

4 mins to read Oct 26, 2016

For the young families who are planning for pregnancy, it can be an exciting challenge and experience to look forward to. However, most women are unaware that they are expecting, even after a week or two following conception. Here are some early signs of pregnancy you can look out for.

1. Morning sickness

In general, this early sign of pregnancy occur a few weeks after conception. You may feel nauseous the entire day, more frequently in the morning. Not all women experience morning sickness, and it may happen at any time of the day. However, it is commonly accepted as one of the more common signs of pregnancy.

2. Cravings

A cliche early sign of pregnancy, cravings are common amongst pregnant women. You may experience a random craving for a specific food, even for foods you’ve never had strong feelings for.

While the reason behind it may not be clear, it is something that most pregnant mothers experience, along with other symptoms of pregnancy.

3. Headaches

Your body will have hormonal changes and physical changes. These combined changes might cause you to feel stressed out, or have low blood pressure. Get a healthcare professional to help you out if necessary.

4. Frequent urination

Hormonal changes occur when the embyro is formed; this may affect your bladder control, causing you to go to the loo more frequently.

5. Changes to your breast

Your breasts may feel swollen and sensitive to the touch. It is a common early sign of pregnancy, and your soreness will go away when you’re used to the increase in hormones in the body.

You may also experience changes in other parts of the body, such as your thighs, the butt and the most obvious of all, your tummy.

6. Missing your menstrual cycle

When you miss your usual menstrual cycle, it can be an early sign of pregnancy. Be sure to take note of your usual cycle so you know when you’ve missed it. However, if you have an irregular menstrual cycle, it’s best that you get tested.

7. Feeling tired and fatigued

The change in hormones can make you feel like the bed is your best friend. More than usual, that is. Although feeling fatigued may occur from other factors including a lack of sleep, it can be an early sign of pregnancy. Do remember to take care of your health and not stress your body out too much.

8. Mood swings

Significant hormone changes will affect your mood and it’s normal. If you feel like you’re overwhelmed with emotions, take a deep breath, get some rest and maybe go out with friends or your partner.

9. Sensitivity in smell and taste

There are women who feel nauseous at the smell and taste of certain food, even if they’ve loved it before. So it isn’t a strange occurance if you suddenly can’t stand the taste of your favourite dish. It may be an early sign of pregnancy.

10. A positive pregnancy test

The most obvious way you can tell you’re pregnant is with a pregnancy test. So if you’ve been experiencing all the other early signs of pregnancy, it’s time to just grab a pregnancy test to be 100% sure. Or if you want to be 110% sure, just speak to your healthcare professional.

Once you’re pregnant, you have lots to look forward to and lots to learn. To start off, it’s important that you have the right eating habits, and care for your own body (and child) throughout this exciting period.

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