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When to Provide First Solid Food

At the age of six months, your child will begin to show signs of readiness for the transition to first solid foods.

2 mins to read Oct 19, 2015

At the age of six months, your child will begin to show signs of readiness for the transition to first solid foods. This stage, known as the weaning stage, may be a confusing time for both mother and child. As you go through this journey together, it is normal to have a few bumps along the way to find the right food for your child. After all, your child is tasting solid food for the first time, and will need encouragement at feeding time. Here are some suggestions to help you and your child in the journey of weaning.

  • To reduce the risk of allergy, be sure to support your child’s diet with breastfeeding.
  • Ensure that your child can lift his or her head firmly and independently, as well as sit up straight with your help. This will help your child avoid choking on food.
  • If your child is making chewing movements, he may be ready for his first solid foods.
  • Growing teeth is another sign that your child may be ready for solid food.
  • Look at your child’s habits. If your child is curious about your food, or reaches out to it, your child may be ready for solid food.

If your child shows most of the signs of readiness, you can try serving some baby solid food. Nutritious complementary foods such as rice, fish, meat, poultry, legumes, vegetables and fruits should be introduced to your child at 6 months of age.

CERELAC can be provided to diversify your child’s meals. With different variants to excite your child and an easily digestible texture that’s filled with nutrition, they are a great way to complement your child’s diet of first solid foods.

As your child tries solid food for the first time, remember to never force your child to eat solid food if your child refuses it. Instead, aim to encourage your child slowly with a positive attitude. Lastly, enjoy the time you spend together with your child. Bon appetite!


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