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Vegetables for Your Child

Vegetables are one of the main food groups for your child. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

2 mins to read By Shen-Li Tan Oct 19, 2015

Vegetables are one of the main food groups for your child. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is one of the main sources of fibre, which is great for digestion as well as slowing down the absorption of blood sugar. This way, your child is less likely to overeat throughout the day.

As important as vegetables are, your child may be more interested in sweet taste of sugar than plain vegetables. At mealtimes, your child may even reject any vegetables served with baby food. Here’s how you can have vegetables for your child.

It is important to add vegetables to your child’s baby food. One of the simplest ways is to set a good example. Show your child that you are also eating vegetables and your child may be inclined to mimic you.

You can ‘hide’ vegetables in your meals. Try pureed vegetables, which can be easily mixed into your child’s favourite infant cereal. In your child’s daily baby food, try adding small pieces of vegetables such as peas and carrots to get started. You can also help your child adapt to the taste of vegetables by blending it with fruit juice, or making a smoothie with yogurt.

To ensure that big nutrition is absorbed by your child’s small tummies, you can try CERELAC® Infant Cereals for 12 months which is specially formulated using CHE (Cereals Hydrolysed Enzymatically) technology. This ensures that carbohydrates such as rice or wheat are broken down to smaller components for ease of digestion. They are also developed with BIFIDUS BL probiotics which help improve beneficial intestinal microflora in your child’s digestive system and reduce the incidence of diarrhoea.

CERELAC® for 12 months contains multigrain with increased taste and texture to help encourage your child’s palate for a wider variety of flavours.

Vegetables for children are important. Keep in mind that a variety of food groups will benefit your child and encourage them to accept a wider palate of tastes. Try different types of vegetables with different tastes in meals. Don’t give up if your child refuses them at first, just continue to encourage them in taking the right baby food.

Looking for recipes with vegetables? Head on over to our Recipes Section for some delicious meals with nutrition. You can also visit our Caring for Your Baby section to learn about how your child develops as they grow.


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