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Preventing Childhood Allergies: Is it Possible?

Sneezing, wheezing, tearing up; these are some of the symptoms you may have seen in others with allergies.

2 mins to read Sep 28, 2016

Sneezing, wheezing, tearing up; these are some of the symptoms you may have seen in others with allergies. You may also be worried; how does having allergies affect your child’s daily meals. So it might be a question you may want to ask. Can parents prevent childhood allergies in their children?

What are allergies?
Allergies are an over-reaction by the body to a foreign substance that’s usually non-harmful. For example, regular cow’s milk may trigger an allergic reaction in some of us. Your child’s risk of developing an allergy starts with you. If you and your partner have an allergy, your child will have a higher chance of developing an allergy. However, it may not be the same specific allergy your child inherits.

Exposure to Allergens
Allergies can be triggered when the body is exposed to food or particles in the environment that are highly allergenic. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid all foods and stop your child from enjoying the outdoors. Your child still needs nutrients from a well-balanced and varied diet.

A Cure for Allergies?
So, we’re back to the question, is it possible to prevent childhood allergies? Currently, there are no concrete cures for allergies. Once an allergy develops, it’s for life. Most parents learn to identify their child’s allergy triggers and avoid them. This reduces the risk of triggering symptoms. A healthcare professional, may be able to help identify your child’s allergy triggers via several types of allergy tests.

There are also ways to reduce the risk of childhood allergies. For example, partially hydrolysed proteins are easier to digest than regular cow’s milk protein. As for allergens in the air, avoid areas with cigarette smoke, or open burnings.

If you are looking at something less allergenic, you can look for the right proteins in your child’s diet. Not all proteins are the same. Proteins that are broken down to smaller particles are scientifically shown to be easier to digest and less allergenic compared to regular cow’s milk. NANKID OPTIPRO HA 3 uses Nestlé’s Most Advanced Protein, which are proteins broken down into pieces that are 10x smaller through a hydrolysis technology within Nestlé. NANKID OPTIPRO HA 3 contains Partially Hydrolysed Protein, 50mg of DHA & ARA** and 100 million BIFIDUS BL beneficial bacteria**.

**per 100g of milk powder


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