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Food for Your Second Trimester

The second trimester is sometimes known as the most comfortable trimester because it’s the easiest period during pregnancy.

3 mins to read Nov 27, 2015

The second trimester is sometimes known as the most comfortable trimester because it’s the easiest period during pregnancy. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go all out on your favourite snacks. During this period, you should be transitioning from your first trimester diet to something more suited for your second trimester. Here are some tips to help you out.

The second trimester is when you’ll have reduced morning sickness and fatigue. You’ll be getting some of that energy back and feeling a little like your old self again. However, as your child continues to develop, you’ll feel the extra pressure on your back. Sitting straight and using a chair with good back support will help immensely in bringing you comfort. It is also important to have the right shoes to help support your body as you travel around. When you sleep, lie on your side instead of your back, and have a pillow tucked in between your legs to ease the pressure. 

When planning your second trimester food, you may want to focus your diet on meals that are rich in calcium. To support your bones, as well as the growth and development of your child, you need calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D to keep your bones and teeth healthy. Your child needs an adequate amount of calcium to develop healthy bones and teeth. Your child acquires the needed calcium from your body; hence you will need to replenish it through a sufficient calcium intake. As for your own body, calcium helps to protect your bone density during and after pregnancy.

To support the building of strong and healthy bones with calcium, your child will need vitamin D. It helps absorb the calcium for both you and your child. You can get vitamin D from your everyday milk, eggs and fortified cereal.

Continue taking in an adequate amount of iron and folate in your daily diet. A growing child will need all the important nutrients for healthy development.

You can also try probiotics. Probiotics are live, beneficial bacterial cultures that will provide health benefits when consumed in the right amounts. There are nearly 80% of the antibodies producing cells that are present in our digestive tract. Probiotics help maintain a balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria for a healthy digestive system.

To support a wholesome diet, you can try Nestlé MOM. This delicious formulated milk powder is packed with 20 vitamins and minerals including folic acid, calcium, iron, as well as vitamin A and C. It also contains DHA (125mg per 100g powder)which is found abundantly in the brain. Moreover, Nestlé MOM provides protein to support your additional requirements during pregnancy.

That’s not all. Nestlé MOM contains the goodness of BIFIDUS BL. BIFIDUS BL is 2  type of probiotics are beneficial bacteria that helps support your gut health. Gain the right nutrition during your pregnancy with Nestlé MOM ; you can enjoy its benefits as soon as you know of your pregnancy. Just 2 glasses a day help provide you with loving nutrition right from day one.

If you need advice, you can always speak to your doctor or healthcare professional. Speak to your partner for support in any way, and remember to pamper yourself if you’re feeling stressed. Every day is a step closer to seeing your child, and you should enjoy every moment of it.


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