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C-sections: What you need to consider

How you bring your junior into the world is a very personal decision, with different factors at play. Here are a few things to consider about an elective caesarean, also known as a C-section.

2 mins to read Jan 27, 2021


  1. Ask your healthcare provider if a caesarean is right for you.
  2. Consider a C-section if you’re expecting multiple children (twins, triplets).
  3. Consider that the post-birth recovery is longer, usually around six weeks.
  4. Talk to other moms who have had a C-section. Experience can often be different to what you expect.
  5. You may be advised to have a planned c-section in case of breech birth, problems with the placenta, or severe pre-eclampsia.
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of a C-section with your midwife or doctor.
  7. Be prepared to stay in hospital for up to 3-5 days afterwards.
  8. Remember, you won’t be able to drive for up to six weeks after a C-section but speak to your insurance company first to confirm.
  9. Consider the risk of possible complications if you’re having the procedure for non-medical reasons.
  10. Ask about your options for C-section pain medication and anesthesia.
  11. Ask about “gentle C-section” options, where parents are able to incorporate some of the more natural aspects of childbirth, such as immediate skin-to-skin contact. 
  12. Read our C-section recovery checklist for things to think about after the op. 


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