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Good Nutrition – Nutrition Gap

Bridging the Nutrition Gap


It’s important for your child to have a balance diet that’s nutrition filled during the transition to solid food.

It’s important for your child to have a balance diet that’s nutrition filled during the transition to solid food. Your child’s tummy is 5 times smaller than an adult’s but needs 5 times more in nutrients such as iron. In fact, the usual diets of some children may face a nutrition gap.1

At this stage, your child needs nutrient-dense food, which is rich in nutrients even when eaten in small amounts. So be sure to select nutrient-dense food such as meat, eggs, fish, milk & dairy products, vegetables, fruits and infant cereals. During this stage, you will need to start your child off with food that is easily digestible while providing the nutrition needed for healthy development. Home cooked food is always the best! When you’re introducing infant cereal as complementary food to your child, it is advisable to begin with infant cereal with a smooth texture which will help your child adjust to a heavier diet.

Your child’s usual diet may need the extra nutrition to help support a healthy growth. It should consist of key nutrients to support the weaning journey. Provide your child with nutrients from a variety of foods in a balanced diet.

Some important nutrients that your child may need in his baby food include:

A nutrient that's needed to make haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying component of red blood cells. High intakes of key nutrients such as iron are important to support optimum growth and development. Without it, your child may be at risk of iron deficiency anaemia.

Important for growth

Vitamin A
Essential for the functioning of the eyes.

Vitamin C
Contributes to the absorption of iron from food.

These nutrients can come from a variety of sources, such as fruits, vegetables and even meat. One option of getting nutrition for your child is to try nutritious infant cereal; it’s easy to digest and can be nutrition packed.

Big Nutrition for Small Tummies
One bowl a day of baby food such as CERELAC® Infant Cereals helps to reduce the risk of iron deficiency in your child. Each pack is developed with important nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C to help support your child’s growing needs. CERELAC®® Infant Cereals contain at least 50% or more of your child’s daily required iron values*.2,3,4

What’s more, baby food like CERELAC® Infant Cereals comes in a selection of variants that your child will enjoy. From the plain yet delicious Rice to the wonderful Rice & Mixed Fruits, you can serve your child a meal that is deliciously nutritious.

*RNI recommends at least 9mg iron intake per day for 6 – 11 months child. 50g of CERELAC® contains 5mg of iron

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4. Guidelines on Formulated Supplementary Foods for Older Infants and Young Children (CAC/GL08-1991) [update in process in 2013], in the absence of references values I the related standard for processed cereal-based foods for infants and children.

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