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Nankid Optipro 4 (Product)

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nankid product
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Your child is growing up faster than you can imagine. While there are many different factors contributing to their incredible growth, one of the most important ones is a nutrient called protein.

Widely regarded as the foundation of life, protein is important for your child’s muscle development and growth, brain maturation, healthy weight development, the strengthening of their immune system, and the regulation of their digestion.

Help give your child nothing but the best with NANKID OPTIPRO® 4, which is formulated with Optimized Protein developed using Nestlé’s patented technology. It helps support your child’s optimal growth and development with the right quantity and quality of protein.

NANKID OPTIPRO® 4 also contains 100 million units* of live probiotics** (Bifidobacterium longum and Lactobacillus rhamnosus) that help improve gut function by maintaining a balance of beneficial bacteria, DHA to support the development of your child, and no added sucrose – all to give your child the best start in life.

Available in 600g/1.3kg.

*Every 100g of milk powder
**To preserve the number of living probiotics culture, NANKID OPTIPRO® must be prepared with lukewarm water (approx. 40°C)

The Goodness of NANKID OPTIPRO® 4

nankid goodness
nankid goodness

*Quantity of DHA 100mg/100g

IMPORTANT NOTICE: NANKID OPTIPRO® 4 is formulated milk powders for children aged 3-6 years old.  Not suitable for use as breastmilk substitute. 


Try introducing NANKID OPTIPRO® 4 by interchanging it with your child’s previous formula. The chart below is a guide on how you can introduce NANKID OPTIPRO® 4 to your child without him/her noticing the change in taste.

nankid formula comparison
nankid formula comparison
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nankid bottom curve

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