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Product Nestlé® Cerelac® Nutripuffs®

CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Zucchini & Onion

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Introducing the all-new CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Zucchini & Onion – the delicious, nutritionally appropriate snack for your Little One. Not only is CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Zucchini & Onion lovingly made with the goodness of oats and vegetables without added salt, it’s also high in iron, vitamin B1, calcium and a source of zinc – all to support your child during their crucial growing-up years.

Product highlights

Vitamin B1
For the release of energy from corbohydrate.


Contributes to red blood cell formation


Aids in the development of strong bones and teeth


Essential for growth

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