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A cereal snack that is high in iron, a source of zinc, calcium, and vitamin B1. Made to be just the right size for your little one's hands, CERELAC® NutriPuffs® is a specially - designed child get used to independent eating! Learning to feed themselves requires children to develop sophisticated gross, oral and fine motor skills; CERELAC® NutriPuffs® supports your little one in acquiring these skills while encouraging new food experiences! Light, puffy and delicious, CERELAC® NutriPuffs® easily melt in the mouth and are easy to chew; with the appetising taste of banana and orange, they're the cereal snack.


Loved by Little Ones, Chosen by Mums.

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Introducing the all new CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Banana & Orange – a finger food that is developmentally and nutritionally appropriate for your Little Ones.

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