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Nutrition for a Healthy Gut

Helping your child build a healthy digestive system starts with having the right food and fluids to support the gut.

2 mins to read By Shen-Li Tan Dec 2, 2015

Helping your child build a healthy digestive system starts with having the right food and fluids to support the gut. As the food processing centre of the body, as well as the largest immune organ in the body, it’s important to keep your child’s gut healthy and working at its best.

Getting Adequate Fibre

Fibre is an important part of your child’s diet to ensure a healthy gut. One of its key functions is improving digestive health. While most adults can have their vegetables for a daily portion of fibre, your child may not necessarily enjoy taking vegetables in large amounts. Some other foods with high fibre you can try offering to your child include apples and pears, beans as well as cereal.

Getting Enough Fluids

Your child needs not only fibre, but plenty of fluids daily to help prevent digestive disorders such as constipation. If you have plenty of fibre, and no fluid, it doesn’t help your child’s digestion. Having plenty of fluids is especially important in a country like Malaysia, where the weather is warm.

Getting the Goodness of Probiotics

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines probiotics as live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. You can find them commonly in yoghurt and dairy products which are supplemented with probiotics. The most common type of probiotic you may often come across is the L. reuteri probiotic. However, there are literally thousands of strains that have different functions and colonize different parts of your gastrointestinal system. Adding probiotics to your child’s diet will help increase the number of beneficial bacteria and support your child’s gut health.
It is also important to take note of your child’s behaviour. If your child is showing discomfort, it is best to find out what the source of that discomfort is; whether it is from stress or discomfort. It is always best to speak to your healthcare professional if you have any doubts.

If you’re looking to support your child’s usual diet with fortified milk, you can try LACTOGROW® PROBIO 3. It is a scientifically formulated with probiotic cultures L. reuteri to strengthen the digestive system for children aged 1-3 years old. It also contains DHA, high calcium, and Happy Nutri - a combination of 15 vitamins & minerals to keep your Little One's tummy happy so they can Grow Happy always! 


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