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Protects Your Little Explorers

Every parent wants what is best for their children, now and in the future. And we are committed to help. That is what has driven NANKID OPTIPRO pioneering spirit early on and what keeps us pushing the boundaries of pediatric nutrition. It is in our brand DNA: NANKID OPTIPRO stands for Nouvel Aliment pour Nouveau-né which means New Food for little ones, in French. Backed by over 150 years of Nestlé’s expertise in children's nutrition and have been at the forefront of research, providing cutting edge nutritional options for parents. Now, more than ever, we continue to pursue the next breakthrough innovations to nourish your children’s lifelong health.

*Probiotic cultures help improve gut function. Gut is the largest immune organ of the body.

A relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovation

We make sure that our products and services are up to date with the latest innovations, well informed by public health data, as well as backed by our own research. Every year, Nestle Research, based in Switzerland, dedicates more than 1.7 billion CHF to research and development, including research on maternal and infant nutrition to help tackle nutrition challenges on a global scale and to make sure that your children benefits from the most advanced science-based products:

NAN Innovation


Nan 80

maternal and nutrition clinical trials with independent institutions


Nan 161

patented innovations


Nan 136

peer-reviewed scientific papers on nutrition over the last 10 years

Furthermore, we partner with leading global experts and institutions to deeply understand the factors that impact children's lifelong journey in order to help us design nutritional solutions that can help you shape your children’s wellbeing today and into the future.

Raising the bar for quality and children’s nutrition standards

All our NANKID OPTIPRO, growing-up formulated milk powder for children are formulated by nutrition scientists who are specialized in pediatric nutrition, in accordance with expert recommendations (EFSA, CODEX, including local authorities as applicable)

Our formulations are produced in our 16 NANKID OPTIPRO state-of-the-art, worldwide manufacturing facilities. Our operations are run in compliance with our most stringent, global standards and we abide by even stricter rules than those required by regulations:

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  • Our factories are certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) standards
  • Our products undergo at least 500 quality checks before products reach the shelf
  • All our packaging materials undergo strict testing and are designed to be safe, compliant with regulations and updated according to the latest technologies

Discover the most complete range of formulated milk powder for children.

Supporting the nutritional needs of your children during the critical early years is key for their lifelong journey. We make sure to provide you with the most complete range of formulated milk powder for children up to pre-school years. We continually expand and improve the NANKID OPTIPRO range to address the diversity of your needs and preferences, including support solutions for special purposes. With NANKID OPTIPRO and your care, we nourish your children’s every possible.


Packed with 100 million units* of probiotics** (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-3446) and 2’-FL Oligosaccharide, this improved NANKID OPTIPRO helps strengthen gut functions by eliminating bad bacteria and feeding the good probiotics to help support your little one’s body defense system.


Scientifically-formulated with a 100 million units* of probiotics** (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-3446) and 2’-FL Oligosaccharide, NANKID OPTIPRO 4 helps improve gut function by eliminating bad bacteria and feeding the good probiotics to support your little one’s body defense system.

Nankid Optipro HA 3

Formulated with Nestlé’s Most Advanced Protein, OPTIPRO (Optimized Protein), that's broken down into smaller pieces through a unique Nestlé process. Easier to digest and absorb, this protein is much less allergenic than usual cow's milk proteins, and helps your little one's body and mind develop better, too!

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Nourish your children’s healthy growth and development with these tips and tools from experts

You are the one with the best insight on how your toddler is doing and how to provide the best possible care.


This is why we make sure that we share the latest information, expert advice and practical tips on children development and nutrition as well as simple assessment tools to help you further understand your children’s specific needs. With your care at every stage of your children’s development, you can help them build strong foundations for lifelong health.


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