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Do you have the heart for adventure?
Nankid optipro product

Mothers can never get enough of the amazing moments that they share with their little one – especially the ones that make them go OMG!

Whether it’s an OMG moment that tugs on their heartstrings, or leave them feeling in complete awe and wonder, we strive to help make these incredible OMG moments possible with the revolutionary 2’-FL Oligosaccharide & Probiotic of NANKID OPTIPRO®.

Nourish your child's every possible. NANKID OPTIPRO®.

Do you have the heart for adventure?

Introducing our most scientifically advanced formula – ever.

Behind the improved formulation of NANKID OPTIPRO® is more than 150 years of scientific excellence. Not only does it contain the goodness of Optimized Protein and DHA & ARA, we’ve made it even better for your little one with our greatest innovation yet: 2’-FL Oligosaccharide & Probiotic

Hundred Million Probiotics & 2'FL Oligosaccharide - HM-0 - Optimized Protein - DHA & ARA

Hundred Million Probiotics

NANKID OPTIPRO® is formulated with hundred million units of probiotics* (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-3446) to help improve gut function. Gut is the largest immune organ in the body and therefore helps support your little one's body defense system.

*Every 100g of milk powder

2'-FL Oligosaccharide

Studies show that 2'-FL Oligosaccharide help support the gut function of your little one by eliminating bad bacteria, and feeding the good probiotics to help them thrive for longer!1 2

^Compared to key Formulated Milk Powder for Children aged 1-3 years (as of Sept, 2020)
1 Lewis ZT et al. Maternal fucosyltransferase 2 status affects the gut bifidofacterial communities of breastfed infants. Microb 2015; 3:3.
2 Morrow AL et al. Human milk oligosaccharides are associated with protection against diarrhea in breast-fed infants. J Pediatrics 2004; 145(3): 297-303
Optimized Protein

Optimized Protein

NANKID OPTIPRO® contains Optimized Protein that has been developed using Nestlé’s process. Optimized Protein is protein in the right quantity and quality needed for your little one’s optimal growth and development.



DHA & ARA play an essential role in supporting the overall development of your little one.

No Added Sugar

0% Sucrose

0% Sucrose to help protect the teeth and prevent them from developing a preference for sweet-tasting food.

Swiss-perfected Goodness

NANKID OPTIPRO® is formulated with all the goodness your little one needs to bring even more OMG moments to life.

Nankid optipro product 3 & 4
Probiotics B.LACTIS
  • Ensure the balance of good bacteria in the gut1
  • Improve gut function1
  • May reduce diarrhea incidence1
  • Increase good bacteria in the gut2
  • Strengthen the gut wall3
  • Remove bad bacteria in the gut3
    *2’-FL is an Oligosaccharide derived from lactose.
  • Right Quantity & Quality are important to support child’s optimal growth and development4
  • Found abundantly in the brain5
0% Sucrose
  • Reduces risk of dental problems*
  • Encourages good eating habits*
    *Agostoni et al 2008
Nankid optipro product 3 & 4
1. Jungersen M et al. Microorganisms 2014;(2):92-110 | 2. Lewis ZT et al. Microb . 2015;3-13. | 3. Bode L et al. Glycobiology 2012;22(9):1147-1162 | 4. Günther AL et al. Am J Clin Nutr 2007; 86: 1765-1772 | 5. Bradbury J et al. Nutrient 2011; 3: 529-554


Knowledge helps you build a strong foundation too!

Getting to know Optimized Protein

Getting to know Optimized Protein

Protein plays an important role in the growth and development of children. However, too much of it can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. This is why your child needs Optimized Protein.

Getting to know Optimized: Is More Protein Better for Your Child?

Getting to know Optimized: Is More Protein Better for Your Child?

While it is important to nurture your child with the right nutrition during their crucial development years, parents should always bear in mind ‘more' doesn't necessarily mean ‘better'.

Nankid optripro - Partially Hydrolysed Protein vs Regular Cow's Milk Protein: The Hard Facts

Partially Hydrolysed Protein vs Regular Cow's Milk Protein: The Hard Facts

Milk is power packed with all sorts of nutrients for a growing child. And just like how every superhero has their own source of strength, your child has the protein of milk to help them grow strong.




NANKID OPTIPRO® 3 is the only growing up milk formula that contains the exclusive combination of 2’-FL Oligosaccharide, Probiotic, Optimized Protein and DHA & ARA.

For children between 1-3 years old.



NANKID OPTIPRO® 4 is a scientifically formulated milk powder with Nestlé's OPTIPRO® (Optimized Protein) for children above 3 years of age.



Specially formulated with partially hydrolysed 100% whey proteins that are smaller and less allergenic* compared to regular cow's milk protein, NANKID OPTIPRO® HA 3 helps your little one digest and absorb nutrients better to help build a strong foundation.

*von Berg A et al, for the GINIplus Study Group. Allergic manifestation 15 years after early intervention with hydrolysed formulas – the GINI Study. Allergy 2016: 71:210-219.


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