Lactogrow® Aktif - More Calcium, More Growth!* High calcium + DHA

More Calcium, More Growth!*

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*Contains 58% more calcium compared to previous formulation, LACTOKID® GROWPLUS (450mg/100g). Adequate daily calcium intake as part of a balance diet, together with sufficient physical activities and sleep help to support growth.

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During the growing up stages, it’s important for parents to lay a foundation for bone development throughout life. What is the best way to put them on the right path for strong bones?

Introducing LACTOGROW® Aktif, the specially formulated milk powder for your growing child that’s packed with more calcium to support development of strong bones and teeth.

LACTOGROW® Aktif contains more calcium compared with other brands*.

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*Calcium level per serving for LACTOGROW®️ AKTIF compared to other formulated milk powder for children (1-3-Year-Old) within similar price range (Reference: Nielsen, Mass Category GUM 1+ ; Mac 2020)

Debunking Height Myths!

Let’s talk about what helps your child grow.

Height Myths

Stunting or impaired growth affects many children around the world. Did you know that in Malaysia alone, 21.8% of children below the age of 5 are stunted?1 This means that 1 in 5 children are experiencing poor linear growth.

But What is Stunting?

But What Is Stunting?

Stunting is when your child has a lower height for their age. Not only does stunting affect physical development, but it also prevents your child from reaching their full cognitive potential as an adult. Due to malnutrition, repeated infections and/or lack of social stimulation, stunting could lead to difficulties in learning and comprehension, thus affecting their educational performance.

Fact Stunting Can Be Prevented.

Adequate nutrition and sufficient physical activities are important to set our child up with the building blocks for a happy, healthy life.

Break Stunt

We all want our kids to grow up happy, healthy and strong! So, let’s be more mindful of their needs from the start. It’s time to discover some fun facts about what works and what doesn’t!

Myth 1: Want to be taller? Play basketball
Myth 1: Want to be taller? Play basketball

While sports stimulate your child's growth, a balanced diet plays a very important role too! Don't forget, more calcium helps your child build stronger bones!

Myth 2: Just hang from monkey bars
Myth 2: Just hang from monkey bars

Kids love to hang on this at the playground. But remember, they need calcium, magnesium and vitamin D to strengthen their bones as well as carbohydrate, fat and protein to provide them with the energy to hang on a little longer!

Myth 3: Jump and jump some more!
Myth 3: Jump and jump some more!

This myth has something to do about jumping and how with every jump, your body stretches! Let your children jump all they want but make sure to give them the required amount everyday! Take 2 servings of LACTOGROW® Aktif a day to help meet the daily requirement!

Myth 4: Eat more long beans
Myth 4: Eat more long beans

Packed in minerals and vitamins, long beans are also rich in fibre! It’s great if your kid loves it but don’t forget to give them 2 servings of LACTOGROW® Aktif daily as it has 19 important vitamins and minerals to support growth and development.

1. Institute for Public Health (IPH), National Institutes of Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia. 2020.  National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2019: Vol. I: NCDs – Non-Communicable Diseases: Risk Factors and other Health Problems, pp. 207.

Did You Know?

2 servings of LACTOGROW® Aktif a day helps your Little One to achieve their daily Recommended Nutrition Intake (RNI)*.

Lactogrow® Aktif Table RNI

*nccfn (2017). Recommended nutrient intakes for Malaysia. A report of the technical working group on nutritional guidelines. National coordinating committee on food and nutrition, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Putrajaya

How can LACTOGROW® Aktif help your child achieve optimum growth?

Give your child the best of LACTOGROW® Aktif with high calcium, DHA, Vitamin D and protein.


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