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Grow Happy with Nestlé LACTOGROW Formula Milk

Let's support our child to grow happy by providing a balanced nutrition and a happy environment. Because today's happiness is the beginning of their future happiness.


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The only brand that contains probiotic L. reuteri DSM17938*. Comparing among key brands of Formulated Milk Powder for Children within the same price range (<RM35/kg) as of Mar 2020 (Nielsen Mass GUM Stage 3, 4 Segment)

Grow Happy with Nestlé LACTOGROW

Little ones grow happy with LACTOGROW
every day!


Drink LACTOGROW daily

Kultur probiotik  L. reuteri

Probiotic Cultures L.reuteri help improve digestive function

...keeping your little one’s tummy happy

...keeping your little one’s tummy happy

Untuk grow happy

So they grow happy always!

Let's support our child to grow happy by providing a balanced nutrition and a happy environment. Because today's happiness is the beginning of their future happiness.

LACTOGROW contains probiotic cultures L. reuteri, high calcium, DHA, and Happy Nutri to aid the growth and development of our little ones!

Know the 4 benefits!


digestive function


Aids nutrients


Helps support
body defense


Supports optimum growth
& development

Happy Nutri is a combination of 15 vitamins and minerals for optimum growth and development.

Why choose LACTOGROW?


What is Probiotic Cultures L. reuteri?

boy drinking
  • A type of good bacteria found in our big intestine.
  • Helps reduce the risk of constipation.¹
  • Beneficial to health when taken in the right amount.
  • Safe for child consumption.

1. Jung C et al. Int J Child Health Nutr 2017;6:62–69.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended during the first 6 months of life followed by the introduction of adequate nutritious complementary foods, along with sustained breastfeeding up to two years of age and beyond. LACTOGROW is a Formulated Milk Powder for Children aged 1 year and above and is not suitable as a breastmilk substitute. As children grow at different rates, seek advice from your health professionals on the appropriate time when your child should start receiving this product.

Discover 99+ ways to help your child to
grow happy

99 way to gh ENG
Tips 1

Cook with your Little Ones

To attract your little ones and distract them from gadgets, invite them to cook with you. Start by introducing them to ingredients in the kitchen and chat with them so they will feel the fun.

Tips 2

Let’s Embrace Nature!

Teach your little ones to embrace nature and appreciate birds that flies across your home.

Tips 3

Play hide and seek together

Invite them to play hide and seek together. It doesn't matter who hides and who seeks, this is to train their mind to find safe places and seek things.

cabarann gh masthead

When parent & child team up, there’s no challenge too great to grow happy !

Click and watch Cabaran Grow Happy bersama LACTOGROW with famous celebrities below:

Watch as they overcome the challenges together!


Let’s find out what #MumSays about Nestlé LACTOGROW that helps with the growth and digestive system of their little one.

Jessica Soh Hsiang Yun

Mum of 3 Years old kid

My main concern for my child was constipation after i switch to formula milk. My child had no more constipation after consuming NESTLÉ LACTOGROW®. My child grow according to the growth chart and is healthier than before with less sick days.

Nur Fazillah Binti Mahmod

Mum of 1 & 3 Year Old

I would like to recommend all parents to choose Nestlé LACTOGROW® . Because most important to us, my child is not constipated anymore & has 1-2 times more frequent stool per day

Low Yeng Theng

Mum of 3 Year Old

After switching to Nestlé LACTOGROW, my little boy overall digestive system had been improved and constipation problem is significantly reduced. He has better appetite! I am satisfied with the outcome.

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 LACTOGROW 3 is scientifically formulated with probiotic cultures, L. reuteri DSM 17938.




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LACTOGROW 4 is scientifically formulated with probiotic cultures, L. reuteri DSM 17938.


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