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5 Great Foods You Can Include in Your Little One’s Diet

5 Great Foods You Can Include in Your Little One’s Diet

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There are good foods, and then there are great ones – which usually conjure up visions of kale smoothies, alfalfa wraps and chia seed-and-goji-berry-laden kefir. Over-hyped ‘nutritional’ movements aside, there are actually lots of actual foods that are just super, that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and that are great for your little one, especially when weaning them off milk’. Check them out below.


1. Seaweed? Suh-weet!:

Who knew a sea-grown algae could pack so much punch – and taste so yummy too! It’s the perfect snack for your little one – crispy, delicious and packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, bone-friendly calcium and magnesium, and essential iron, potassium, iodine and zinc. Eat up, me hearties!


2. Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to:

The sweet variety, that is. Much less starchy than their regular counterparts, sweet potatoes are loaded with beta carotene and vitamin A for healthy vision, folate for better brain function, calcium, iron, potassium and fiber; plus, they’re soft enough for your little one, and are delicious mashed, or turned into a porridge or spread!


3. Loco About Cocoa:

Just like chocolate, except it does more than lift your little one’s mood. Cocoa powder that’s at least 70% pure, not Dutch processed, and unalkalized, is full of heart-, skin- and oral health-boosting flavonoids. Almost fat-free, it’s perfect as a hot (or cold) drink, sprinkled over oats, waffles and toast, or made into a dessert.

Purple power

4. Purple Power:

The Queen of Fruits is currently ruling the Western world, but to us, it will always be the humble, juicy and delicious mangosteen. Which, by the way, is filled with immune-boosting, metabolism-enhancing, inflammation-alleviating xanthones. Giving a few slices to your child is a sure way of keeping those aches, pains and sniffles away!


5. Bean There,
Done That:

The ubiquitous bean may not look like a superfood, but the fact that it’s a tremendous source of quality protein, B vitamins, iron, fibre, calcium and antioxidants makes it a worthy addition to your little one’s diet. Plus, they are so many types, and so easily available, you can let your child try a different one, cooked differently, every day!

There are so many wonderful foods to help wean your little one from milk to solids, but, when it doubt, give your child Cerelac ® infant cereals – the ideal first solid food packed with DHA, B. lactis CNCM I-3446 probiotic cultures and other key vitamins and minerals such as iron.

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