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Terrible twos coming up? How to deal with toddler tantrums

Now they’re walking and talking, your toddler’s asserting their independence more and more every day, as well as developing a strong willpower! Here are some tips on how to deal with toddler tantrums.

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By Danial Ahmad , Author
Oct 20, 2020
  • Set clear rules and stick to them.
  • Praise when they get it right, ignore when they get it wrong.
  • Give them easy tasks they can do by themselves (putting on their wellies, tidying toys away).
  • Offer simple choices (red or blue shirt, teddy or train, banana or apple).
  • Avoid saying “no” too often. Try rephrasing refusals. For example, “Why don’t try this instead?” “Let’s see if you can finish the peas while I count to 10 then I’ll get your yogurt.”
  • Stick to a daily routine with regular meals, naps, playtime, and quiet time, whenever possible.
  • Make sure their bedtime routine is calming and consistent.
  • Keep shopping trips short to avoid boredom and public meltdowns.
  • Try to distract when you see something brewing. Timed right, a silly noise, funny face, or toy-swap can stop a tantrum in its tracks.
  • If it’s too late and the screaming fits begin, try to stay calm.
  • Avoid using food to soothe a tantrum.
  • Cuddles can crack the toughest nut. Sometimes a little security is all they need.
  • Don’t give in—your toddler’s pretty smart and if they think it’s worked, they’ll try it again.
  • Hug it out when it’s over. Tantrums are a normal healthy sign of development and they won’t last forever.
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