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7 Sebab Ketawa Baik untuk Si Manja

7 Ways Laughter is Good for Your Little One (and You)

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Is there anything more infectious than a child’s laughter? All those giggles and guffaws don’t just mean your little one is happy; they can also help ensure your bundle of joy stays healthy. There’s truth, after all, in that old adage; laughter IS the best medicine. Here are just a few ways why.

Breathe easy

1. Breathe Easy:

When laughing, a child inhales and exhales huge chunks of air. This exercises the lungs, improving respiration and leading to more oxygen being drawn into the bloodstream; this oxygen is carried to the brain where it helps develop mental capacity.

A funny type of workout

2. A Funny Type of Workout:

Laughing burns calories by working the facial muscles while stretching and flexing the abdomen. Children can burn up to 40 calories just by laughing!

A killer boost

3. A Killer Boost:

T-cells are specialised ‘killer’ cells that help fight off sickness. Laughing causes this natural white blood cell to combat infections and diseases in your child’s body!

No pain, all gain

4. No Pain, All Gain:

Laughing releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, to help bring relief and make children feel good all over.

You're all heart

5. You’re All Heart:

Children who are incapable of doing physical activity due to injury or illness can work their heart by laughing. It’s an easy and natural cardio exercise – no gym needed!

Stress less

6. Stress Less:

Even children can get anxious and stressed out. Giving them a reason to laugh works their whole system – muscular, respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal – causing them to relax both physically and mentally.

7. Good night, sleep tight

7. Good Night,
Sleep Tight:

Because laughter is relaxing and calming, it can lead to better sleep if a child has a good laugh at bedtime. Who doesn’t love going to bed with a smile on their face, right?

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