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Wholesome Wholegrain

Wholesome Wholegrain

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At 1 year old, your child’s digestive system may be able to take in the benefits of wholegrain and other foods such as cow’s milk.

19/10/2015 - 17:11

At 1 year old, your child’s digestive system may be able to take in the benefits of wholegrain and other foods such as cow’s milk. A more developed set of teeth also means your child will be able to chew on a slightly heavier texture with more pieces of solid food.

During this time, your child should be receiving a heavier diet with more solid foods to reach their energy needs of 600-950 kcal a day. While a major part of your child’s diet will still be breast milk, you can introduce a wealth of new food such as bread and wholegrain baby cereal.

As recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics, wholegrain should be part of a child’s diet as early as 12 months of age. It provides a whole host of nutrients such as iron and zinc. Cow’s milk is another great food that your child can take. It provides your child with calcium, which builds strong bones and teeth. However, you will need to look out for any allergy or lactose intolerance if your child is starting off on cow’s milk. Also, avoid fat-free or low-fat milk when selecting milk, as your child will need the higher fat content to maintain normal weight gain and absorb vitamins.

To ensure that big nutrition is absorbed by your child’s small tummies, you can try CERELAC Infant Cereals for 12 months which is specially formulated using CHE (Cereals Hydrolysed Enzymatically) technology. This ensures that carbohydrates such as rice or wheat are broken down to smaller components for ease of digestion. They are also developed with BIFIDUS BL probiotics which help improve beneficial intestinal microflora in your child’s digestive system and reduce the incidence of diarrhoea.

CERELAC for 12 months contains multigrain with increased taste and texture to help encourage your child’s palate for a wider variety of flavours.

At a year old, it’s good to go for a check-up. Bring along a list of notes about your child’s dietary habits or needs, so your paediatrician can advise you on any necessary steps to take when feeding your child. Congratulations for reaching a major milestone with your child, and we wish you many more wonderful moments with your child ahead!

To help your child find the complete nutrition, add fruits and vegetables as well as meat to your child’s infant cereal. You can also try some of our recipes in our Recipe section.

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