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What’s your allergy IQ?

Can you separate the fact from the fiction in this quickfire quiz?

7 mins to read Aug 25, 2021

Complete the quiz to move on to the next article.

1. True or False? The number of months that a mom breastfeeds is important for decreasing allergy risk.

2. True or False? Eggs should not be introduced until your child is one year old.

3. True or False? You can offer your child fish before he’s 12 months old.

4. True or False? Foods containing peanuts can be given to children at six months.

5. True or False? Giving your child foods that commonly cause allergies, such as those with eggs, fish, wheat, or peanuts, when you begin complementary feeding can reduce the chance of him developing a food allergy.

6. True or False? If you’re breastfeeding you should exclude foods known to cause allergies from your diet.

7. True or False? Foods containing gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, and rye, can be given to your child when you start complementary feeding (around six months of age).

Congratulations on finishing the quiz! How did you score? 


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Last revised: December, 2017