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The right technique for a great burp!

I know I have to burp my little one after every feed but I'm not really sure how to go about it. I would welcome some advice!

2 mins to read By Danial Ahmad , Author Jul 5, 2021

For little children, burping is permitted and even encouraged! Why? Because it evacuates the air inhaled during breastfeeding or feeding from a bottle and therefore avoids those little stomach aches which are the bane of a little child's life. The best time for a burp is in the middle or just after a feed. Here are some tips to help you and your child.

The A to Z of burping

We're all a little clumsy the first time. However, it won't take you long to get the hang of it. Have no fear, burping doesn't hurt your child in any way. On the contrary, they will feel better afterwards.

How do you burp your little one? Place a towel over your shoulder to avoid stains in the event of any regurgitation. Hold your child well upright and lightly pat his back. Be patient, it can take up to ten minutes for the burp to come.

No burp is forthcoming? Try this tried and tested midwife's technique: sit your child on your knee as upright as possible, holding his head with one hand and raising his arms with the other in order to open up the ribcage, thereby facilitating the expulsion of air.

•    My child went to sleep right after feeding: don't worry, above all, let him rest. He will burp in his sleep.
•    How many burps? There's no ideal or recommended number of burps. From one to five or six, until all the air has been expelled.

Offer your child a break in the middle of a feed in order to burp. Some children prefer this! Others will hate it and demand to finish their bottle before burping. Each has his own preference, which you will quickly discover!

Up to what age do children have to burp?

Until around four to six months old, i.e. for as long as breast milk or formula constitutes your child's principal source of food. As the digestive system matures and your child is gradually weaned, the need to burp becomes less important and finally disappears.