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Preparing a Hearty and Healthy Breakfast for Your Child

As your child eases into a steady routine of eating times, you can begin to build good eating habits.

3 mins to read Oct 19, 2015

As your child eases into a steady routine of eating times, you can begin to build good eating habits. Breakfast is the meal that sets the tone for the day. Eating a healthy breakfast is linked with lower obesity rates, improved moods and longer attention spans. So how do you prepare a healthy breakfast for your child? Here are a few steps.

A good way to start your child’s breakfast is with infant cereal. With a solid base of carbohydrates, your child will get the energy needed for the day. Other great sources of carbohydrates include bread or biscuits. If your child is having trouble with bigger pieces of bread, try cutting them into smaller pieces which are easier to swallow. You can also add soft fruits to your child’s breakfast. They are high in vitamins and nutrients that support the immune system. Fruits make a great finger food with their sweet taste. You can try bananas, as they are soft enough to swallow. Grapes are also great for your child, but they have to be cut and peeled for easy swallowing.

A great way to get your child interested in breakfast is to mix up new food with the usual meals. For example, a healthy breakfast for your child can be a mixture of fruits with his favourite infant cereal or baby food.

To ensure that big nutrition is absorbed by your child’s small tummies, you can try CERELAC Infant Cereals for 12 months which is specially formulated using CHE (Cereals Hydrolysed Enzymatically) technology. This ensures that carbohydrates such as rice or wheat are broken down to smaller components for ease of digestion. They are also developed with BIFIDUS BL probiotics which help improve beneficial intestinal microflora in your child’s digestive system and reduce the incidence of diarrhoea. CERELAC for 12 months contains multigrain with increased taste and texture to help encourage your child’s palate for a wider variety of flavours.

Most of the time, your child will be able to decide if they are full or hungry. If your child simply refuses to eat the food at the table, try again later. Helping your child adjust to a specific eating time is a fun journey for both you and your child. Although it may be challenging, eating at a specific time helps to build strong foundation for your child’s healthy growth.

Find breakfast ideas for your child in our Recipe Section, which has great meals such as Banana Breakfast, Puddings, Soups and more!


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