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Postpartum Weight Loss: 4 Secrets to Lose Weight Healthily After Childbirth

Postpartum weight loss can be an uphill battle, with the hill sometimes looking like the peak of Mount Everest. After birth, you might expect to instantly pop back to your pre-pregnancy figure.

3 mins to read By Danial Ahmad , Author Oct 26, 2016

Postpartum weight loss can be an uphill battle, with the hill sometimes looking like the peak of Mount Everest. After birth, you might expect to instantly pop back to your pre-pregnancy figure. After all, you might feel demotivated to see your body change so much after pregnancy. The thing is moms, you might never be like those famous celebrities who lose 10kg in a month. But, you can stay healthy and lose weight after childbirth with these simple tips.

1. Set a Reasonable Weight Loss Goal

We’ll put it up front. Losing a huge amount of weight in a short amount of time isn’t healthy, and neither are the methods you might use to achieve that target. Plus, to rapidly lose weight after childbirth can lead to you gaining more weight later on, unless that’s what you want.

Want to lose weight after childbirth healthily? Aim to lose about 500-600g a week. In a month you’ll be losing 2kg, and in a year, that’s at least 24kg!

2. Good Food Makes for a Good Mood

Don’t skip meals! Repeat this, “When food is good, goodness comes from food.” With all the hustle and bustle around your adorable, yet constantly crying bundle of joy, you may forget to eat. If you don’t eat, you won’t have the energy to exercise, and you might not able to lose weight.

Eat 5 to 6 meals a day. No, not huge lunches and brunches, but balanced meals with small snacks in between. Choose low-calorie foods such as whole-grain breads and cereals, and get your protein from fish and skinless chicken. Calcium is important as well, as giving birth will deplete your calcium. And of course, don’t forget your daily fluids. You wouldn’t want to be walking around like a dehydrated mummy.

3. Exercise Can Be Fun

Mention exercise and the first thing that might come to mind is an endless boring run on a treadmill. Working out to lose your weight after childbirth can be fun, like squatting while carrying your child. Take the stairs. Go for a walk in the park and show of your baby to other moms there.

Don’t go all out at once, try one thing at a time. Can’t run for 10 minutes? Try 5. Can’t do 20 squats? Try 10. Sooner or later, you might even turn exercise into a fun hobby. Get your partner to join you; he probably needs to get off his lazy bum as well. You don’t need a couch potato father lounging around the house!

4. Stay Positive but Realistic

It’s good to have a final goal in mind, and it’s good to remind yourself of all your accomplishments along the way.

Pregnancy is a life changer and a body changer. It’s like rearranging your body in a new way. Your hips may seem a little wider. You may not ever be like your pre-pregnancy self even after working out for months. But it’s OK. If you’re healthy, you’re doing just fine. Remind yourself that being healthy is more important.

Be patient with your weight, and focus on your daily achievements. If you need support, remember to talk to your partner; he might benefit by following you on your weight loss plan. Moms, stay healthy, stay great, and stay beautiful.


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