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Our Quality & Safety

Nestlé quality since 1867

Nutrition has been at the heart of Nestlé’s philosophy and research for the past 140 years. Discover how our brand has constantly adapted to the expectations of parents throughout the 20th century and how we continue to innovate even further. Nestlé also does its best to guarantee your child a high-quality diet that meets her nutritional needs as closely as possible.

Quality: Nestlé’s commitment

Since 1993, quality and safety have been incorporated within the "Nestlé Quality System" programme. 
It covers all elements of the food chain:

Respecting a strict regulatory framework

Nestlé adheres to the Malaysian Food Regulations 1985 on cereal-based foods for infants and children.

Recipes created by a panel of child nutrition experts specially tailored to a child’s needs

•    A step by step introduction to foods, with different levels of complexity for the recipes, from extremely simple to more complex ones for older children.
•    Textures that evolve according to a child’s abilities: finely milled at 6 months, soft pieces of food at 8 months...
•    A discovery of tastes that is enriched at each stage.

Clear information on our packaging to help mums make the right nutritional choices

•    “Stage” indicators on the face of all our packaging let mums know the age from which this product is suitable for the child.
•    Transparency on recipe composition, with a detailed list of ingredients*.
•    Highlights each product’s nutritional values* using a clear nutritional table.

* In accordance with regulations.

NOTE: The advice given on this website is not gender-specific. It applies to both males and females.

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