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redemption step 1


by filling up your personal details on NANKID OPTIPRO® Loyalty Card.
在NANKID OPTIPRO®忠诚卡上填写您的个人信息进行登记。

redemption step 2


1 NANKID OPTIPRO®️ 3 or 4 (1.3kg) from participating outlets in a single receipt and paste 1 Gold Star in the designated circle (collect maximum 6 Gold Stars per month).
在指定参与商店,单张收据消费1盒 NANKID OPTIPRO®️ 3或4(1.3kg),并将金星贴在指定的圆圈内 (每月最多收集6个金星)。

redemption step 3


the picture of the NANKID OPTIPRO® Loyalty Card with the required Gold Stars and corresponding receipts to 018-228 3789. Redeem gifts as per printed on the NANKID OPTIPRO® Loyalty Card.
将附上所需金星和购物收据的NANKID OPTIPRO®忠诚卡图片WhatsApp至018-228 3789以兑换印在NANKID OPTIPRO®忠诚卡上的赠品。

redemption step 4


your gifts from the corresponding outlets upon WhatsApp notifications.