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PLAYING: 10 tips for a sound child sleep routine

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10 petua untuk rutin tidur kanak-kanak yang nyenyak

Children sleep routines can vary enormously, often causing poor parents many a sleepless night. Here are some bedtime routine tips to help your child sleep through the night.

2 minit hingga baca Nov 26, 2021


  • Try to read and respond to signs your child’s tired like yawning, rubbing their eyes, flicking their ear, crying, and whining.
  • Show your child the difference between daytime (active, light, noise, excitement) and nighttime (calm, dark, quiet) so they can recognise the cues for bedtime.
  • Build in a calm, quiet half hour before you start your child’s sleep routine and include a feed if possible — hungry children don’t sleep well.
  • Try giving junior a warm bath followed by a gentle massage.
  • Change them into their sleep clothes and a fresh diaper.
  • Read a bedtime story and maybe sing a lullaby.
  • Say good night to everyone (including teddy) and give them a kiss goodnight.
  • Say the same night-night phrase as you put them down to establish a familiar sleep cue.
  • Put junior down when you notice she is becoming drowsy, rather than fully asleep.
  • Remember the secret to a good routine is consistency, not perfection.
  • Find out how much sleep your child needs here.


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