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Kepentingan tabiat tidur awal

Did you know? Getting your child into good sleep habits now can affect her sleep as she grows up.

2 minit hingga baca Jan 26, 2022

Your little one needs sleep for healthy growth and development. Scientific studies have shown that small children with a regular bedtime routine and consistent sleep schedule are more likely to learn good sleep habits that last into later childhood. In fact, one study found that establishing a bedtime routine when your child is still little will lead to better sleep habits when she is five years old.

What are “good sleep habits”?

  • earlier bedtimes
  • falling asleep more quickly and without help
  • more total sleep
  • fewer wakings at night

To help your precious one learn to fall asleep on her own at an early age, put her down in her crib when she’s drowsy but still awake. Starting a bedtime routine early for your child will give her the chance to develop these sleeping habits while she is young. Helping your child now could help both of you sleep better in the future!


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Last revised: December, 2016


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