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CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Zukini & Bawang


CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Zucchini & Onion

Introducing the all-new CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Zucchini & Onion – the delicious, nutritionally appropriate snack for your Little One. Not only is CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Zucchini & Onion lovingly made with the goodness of oats and vegetables without added salt, it’s also high in iron, vitamin B1, calcium and a source of zinc – all to support your child during their crucial growing-up years.

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Zucchini contains fibre that helps improve digestion. Onions are actually a great source of antioxidants! vitamin B1 is needed for the releae of energy from carbohydrate - Iron contributes to red blood cell formation - Calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth - Zinc is essential for growth
5 key Benefits of CERELAC® NutriPuffs® Easy to pick up - Easily melts in the mounth - Baked not fried - Goodness of grain - Tasty
Did You Know? Your Little One enjoys eating food that's cut into fun shapes and sizes! Ministry of Health (MOH) recommends 1-2 serving(s) of nutritious snack(s) a day, as part of a balanced diet for young children. Technical working group on infants and young child feeding guidelines for the feeding of infants and young children malaysia. nutrition division ministry of healthy malaysia 2009

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