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PLAYING: A Healthy Gut, A Healthy Body

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A Healthy Gut, A Healthy Body

As your child reaches the stage of toddlerhood, they will be actively exploring the world around them. Playtime means exploring and touching everything in reach.

3 mins to read By Shen-Li Tan Oct 19, 2015

As your child reaches the stage of toddlerhood, they will be actively exploring the world around them. Playtime means exploring and touching everything in reach. With the ability to walk or crawl better, they now have access to places they could never reach before. Playing around the house means they will have to develop a strong immune system that is able to fight against germs and any harmful bacteria from the environment and the things they touch.

At this stage, the benefits of proper nutrition will give them the protection needed to experience a healthy and joyful growth. The gut is the largest immune organ, and 80% of the antibody producing cells is located in the gut. It is also the home to 100 trillion beneficial and harmful bacteria. That’s why your child needs to have good stomach health.

Beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli probiotics help to protect against harmful bacteria and support a healthy gut. It is crucial to maintain a good balance of bacteria to help protect a child by producing antibodies to stimulate, train and build a strong immune system. This can be done through providing probiotics, the good bacteria that help support your child’s natural defence. For example, Bifidobacterium lactis supports your child’s natural defence and helps to support stomach health and reduce the incidence of diarrhoea.

To ensure that big nutrition in baby food is absorbed by your child’s small tummies, you can try CERELAC® Infant Cereals for 12 months which is specially formulated using CHE (Cereals Hydrolysed Enzymatically) technology. This ensures that carbohydrates such as rice or wheat are broken down to smaller components for ease of digestion. They are also developed with BIFIDUS BL probiotics which help improve beneficial intestinal microflora in your child’s digestive system and reduce the incidence of diarrhoea.

CERELAC® for 12 months contains multigrain with increased taste and texture to help encourage your child’s palate for a wider variety of flavours.

It’s always good to provide your child with a variety of food, so they can get a balance of nutrients from various sources. However, you should avoid feeding your child with overly large chunks of baby food or adult food as this can agitate your child’s digestive system. Keep your child’s body, digestive system and immunity strong with the right food, at the right time.

Looking to set your child on a nutritious diet? Try our Recipes to get you started on delicious recipes for your child.


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