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Early Pregnancy Symptoms: How to Handle Your Body Changes After Conception

Whether it’s a pleasant surprise or part of a plan to conceive, pregnancy can bring a number of changes to your body.

4 mins to read Oct 26, 2016

Whether it’s a pleasant surprise or part of a plan to conceive, pregnancy can bring a number of changes to your body. They’ll hit you fast and hard, without giving you time to breathe, and sometimes leave you feeling like a wreck. Is there anything you can do about it? Read about these early pregnancy symptoms and body changes, and how you can deal with them.

Combating Food Cravings

So you’re at home, doing what you normally do. And then it hits you. You suddenly have a desire for deep fried keropok from a specific store in Terengganu, and a tub of gelato from your favourite ice cream parlour. On another day, you reach out for your favourite cup of coffee, only to find you suddenly dislike the taste. What’s happening to your body?

Food cravings and aversions are a common early pregnancy symptom during the first few months of pregnancy. Though there isn’t an established cause for these changes in food preferences, they are often linked to pregnancy hormones and your body’s nutrient needs.

One way to overcome these food cravings is to distract yourself. A book might keep you better occupied than a bar of chocolate, while a walk with your partner can take your mind off things. Indulge once in a while, and when you indulge, don’t go crazy. Take healthier portions and options. Get a small cup of ice cream instead of the whole tub. If you experience cravings for non-edible items, you may have a condition known as pica. Contact your healthcare professional.

Managing Morning Sickness

You’d think that a condition with a name like “morning sickness” would be straightforward. However, morning sickness can hit you at any time; at night, in the morning, and maybe even the entire day. And while some women will throw up, you may experience nausea without vomiting.

Morning sickness is one of the more common early pregnancy symptoms, as it is experienced by almost all women in the first trimester. It is often linked to a rise in hormones, and an increase in sensitivity to smells and odours.

The important thing to note when experiencing morning sickness is you still need to eat. Your body doesn’t get food from the sun. Some women find that nibbling on small snacks throughout the day will keep the nausea away; you can also experiment with different foods to see what works for you. Remember to stay hydrated with enough water. You can also track your nausea to find the cause.

Reducing Breast Soreness

After conception, your body will slowly transform into a complex machine that is able to care for your child. And part of this change is your breasts adapting to produce the best baby food ever (also known as breastmilk) for your child when he or she is born. This brings about hormonal changes that cause your breasts to be swollen, sore or sensitive.

As your breast friends may be tender at the moment, the best thing to do is give them a little personal space and comfort. A good bra will do wonders, and prevent sagging in the future. A cotton sports bra can also help if you’re feeling uncomfortable. If you’re spending time with your partner, in bed that is, you’ll need to communicate with him. After all, he can’t read minds, and he won’t really know where it’s painful unless you tell him.

While uncomfortable, these early pregnancy symptoms are usually harmless. After all, they are signs that your journey of motherhood has just begun. Take it in stride, and feel the pride. However, if you suspect that there’s anything unusual about your body changes, or if you feel extraordinarily uncomfortable, do contact your healthcare professional for advice.

Lastly, we wish you the best of luck in your pregnancy. If you need advice on nutrition, you can click here, or explore our other articles on pregnancy here.


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