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8 Traits that Show You’re a Typical Millennial Mum

8 Traits that Show You’re a Typical Millennial Mum

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“Kids these days!” is a phrase often thrown at you if you are a millennial (born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s). Many (sometimes unfairly) think that millennials would prefer to stare at a device screen than to have a conversation with someone at the dinner table, or would expect constant praise at work because they have always received medals for just showing up at school.

Well, the “kids these days” are now in their late twenties and thirties, and becoming parents! Millennials mums are actually proving to be more hands-on, hovering a little less than the helicopter mums of the generation before. They may have many social media accounts but also have a wide arsenal of childcare approaches.

Want to know if you’re a typical millennial mum? See if you have these 8 traits:

You're technology savvy

1. You’re Technology Savvy

You were born in the Internet age, and have many social media accounts. You spend many hours a week on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and maybe even LinkedIn.

You're well-educated

2. You’re Well-Educated

More millennials are said to have gone to university than any other generation of young adults. This seems to be a given, seeing that in many countries, women have outpaced men in earning bachelor's degrees.

You've meaningful opinions and many listeners

3. You’ve Meaningful Opinions and Many Listeners

You like to share information about almost everything you buy and use as well as places you travel to and frequent. You have many followers who are interested in your confident voice. You have influence.

You're Not Just Someone's Mum

4. You’re Not Just Someone’s Mum

You understand that motherhood is not just about being selfless and self-sacrificing. You have a strong sense of self and find time to nourish the “me” in mummy. You may go for regular yoga, take trips with your girlfriends and have a child-free coffee every morning. You have found a bridge from motherhood to the path you used to walk (and run on!) as a childless, carefree young thing.

You're still old-fashioned on the home front

5. You’re Still Old-Fashioned on the Home Front

You’ll probably consider quitting a high-powered career to stay home with the kids, but maybe because childcare costs a bomb and it's still hard for women to return to jobs following a pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief that responsibilities at home are split more equally these days, statistics surprisingly show that millennial mums spend half as much time in paid work but twice as much time their husbands do on childcare and housework.

You have it harder than your mum

6. You Have It Harder than Your Mum

You belong to the most educated generation but you entered the workforce at probably the worst economic period in a long while. So, chances are you have to make do and do more with much less than your mother did.

You won't do things the way your mum did

7. You Won’t Do Things the Way Your Mum Did

Being time-strapped, you’ll pay less attention to old school sensibilities and etiquette. You’ll send online party invitations. You talk to family and friends and send thank you notes mostly through text.

You find ways to communicate creatively

8. You Find Ways to Communicate Creatively

You believe in the power of community, and enjoy communicating with your tribe. You know how to communicate creatively through many channels. You are open-minded. You are more likely to blog, post opinions, share recipes, open an online business featuring artisanal custom-made products.

In short, you’re a new age mum who has found a happy middle ground between the romance of motherhood and the messy realities of real life as a mum today. The ages may evolve, but maternal nutrition needs never change. Millennial mum or not, a glass of nutritious MOM & ME a day, formulated with key nutrients and two types of the probiotic cultures (L. rhamnosus CGMCC 1.3724 and B. lactis CNCM I-3446), will always never go out of date!

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