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What to Do After Your Child’s Birth: Spending Your Time on Paternity Leave Wisely

Paternity leave is an opportunity for a new dad to spend time with his new child and help his partner around the house.

2 mins to read Oct 26, 2016

Paternity leave is an opportunity for a new dad to spend time with his new child and help his partner around the house. While some dads may have their time all planned out, some may be at a loss as to what to do with all that time at home. Here are some ways you can spend your paternity leave.

Support Your Partner at Home

During the first few days after childbirth, your partner will appreciate a helping hand at home. When she needs rest, you can step in as a competent father. After all, caring for a child doesn’t have to be a mom’s job all the time. You can help change diapers and give baths. When you hear your little one cry, be the one to check on him or her. Don’t be afraid of taking care of your child alone, these are learning steps. Plus, you’ll appreciate the time you spent with your child when you get back to work. You can also support your partner by doing her chores at home.

Spend Time with Your Family

Your days off are a great time to spend with your new family, especially your new child. Go on short walks to the park with your partner and your little one. You probably need a breath of fresh air after all that time cooped up at home. It’s also a great way to exercise and reduce the stress. If you’re spending time with your child, learn what makes him or her happy. Find out how to rock him or her to sleep.

Keep the Romance Alive

You and your partner can still have fun after your child is born. Go on short dates with your little one in a sling. If you’re at home, have a movie night together. Even an evening at the park can still be romantic for both of you. You can plan your paternity leave as meticulously as possible, but sometimes it may not go according to plan. Don’t stress yourself out over this. Just be sure to do the best you can, and spend the time you have with your family.


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