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9 Simple Tips to Ensure the Well Being of Your Child

The following protective measures are simple to enforce and help to ensure a safe and healthy life for your child and you.

3 mins to read Oct 13, 2015

The following protective measures are simple to enforce and help to ensure a safe and healthy life for your child and you.

1.    Get the right nutrition: Good nutrition is crucial in ensuring your child grows up healthy. Plan his baby food with a balanced, varied diet that includes food such as fruits, vegetables, baby cereal as well as probiotics.

2.    Vaccinate your kids: A vaccination schedule should be planned with your healthcare professional. Periodic vaccinations are important to safeguard your child’s wellbeing, and protect him from preventable diseases.

3.    Keep hands clean: Before handling your child, wash your hands thoroughly in tap water with soap for at least twenty seconds. Each family member should know to clean their hands prior to touching, feeding, or holding him.

4.    Avoid unnecessary exposure to illness: Do not let sick people handle your child or his playthings. If you prefer to bring your child out to play, avoid crowded places and look for a place with plenty of fresh air and space.

5.    Use hand sanitizer: Make it a regular practice to carry a hand sanitizer for times when it’s inconvenient to wash your hands. This should be done after using the ATM machines, or the fuel pump at the petrol stations, holding escalator handrails or the shopping carts at the malls or after signing credit card slips. Keeping it clean will help support your child’s wellbeing and protect him from unwanted germs. However, bear in mind these sanitizers are usually not recommended for use on children.

6.    Use decontaminated wipes: When your child’s playthings, pacifier, or feeding bottle falls down on the floor, sanitize the item with wipes before handing it back to your child. Use wipes to clean the tables or high–chair before eating in restaurants. Do also ensure that your wipes are child-friendly.

7.    Stay clear of smoky places: Only 15 percent of cigarette smoke is inhaled by the smoker, while the remaining 85 percent goes directly into the air. If you see someone smoking, distance your child as they should never be voluntarily exposed to cigarette smoke.

8.    Wrap public surfaces: a changing pad, coverlet, or towel should be placed between your child’s body and public exteriors like high-chairs or tables. After using the wraps, dispose it hygienically in a plastic bag. Wipe pads before reusing.

9.    Protect your child from direct sunlight: During the peak hours of 10 am to 4 pm the sunlight can be damaging so protect your child from the UV rays by dressing them in lightweight long-sleeved tops and bottoms. A wide brimmed hat and sunscreen are recommended.


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